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Character Development

The Civil Air Patrol Character Development program teaches CAP cadets ethical thinking and decision making through monthly case study seminars. 

Character Development Specialists can make a tremendous difference in the life of every cadet by mentoring and instructing them in CAP's core values of integrity, respect, excellence, and volunteer service.

The Character Development program incorporates the following educational aims:

  1. Using universal truths as a starting point, cadets will develop skills in examining their present values and amending them as they choose.
  2. Cadets will learn to analyze the ethical components of situations and problems.
  3. Cadets will develop their ability to differentiate between facts and assumptions and to identify the core issues affecting a complex situation.
  4. Cadets will increase their personal expression and group interaction skills.
  5. Cadets will see the relevance of morals and ethics in all aspects of their public and private life.
  6. Cadets will have a mechanism and a process that will enable them to see the changes in their values and perspectives resulting from maturity and experience.
  7. Cadets will accept their responsibility to make moral and ethical choices.


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