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Sample Colorado Wing Activities

  1. Cadet Orientation Rides -- Cadets are offered five Glider and five Powered flights as part of Aerospace Education. Colorado Wing Pilots provide roughly 1000 flight hours a year, at no cost, to CAP Cadets yearly.
  2. Cyber Patriot -- Colorado Wing has one of the most successful Cyber Patriot programs in the United States. Several Colorado Cadet Squadrons have won at the National level numerous times.
  3. Emergency Services -- Colorado air and ground volunteer crews provide Search and Rescue services to FEMA, Colorado State and local communities. Aerial Photography after a natural disaster, search for missing persons or missing aircraft are a specialty.
  4. Cadet Encampment --- Every summer the Colorado Cadet Encampment is held at the United States Air Force Academy. The purpose of encampment is for each cadet to develop leadership skills, investigate aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, solidify their moral character.
  5. CAP Pilots -- CAP Pilots volunteer their time doing Cadet Orientation flights in both Glider and Powered aircraft. Pilots also work toward becoming Mission Qualified which allows them to perform search and rescue duties. CAP is know best for its SAR activities and has been active in SAR, working with the USAF, since 1941. In Colorado pilots are required to attend intensive training both in mountainous and non-mountainous terrain.
  6. National Cadet Special Activities -- A multitude of These activities are held around the country and are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.
  7. Flight Academies -- Cadets who have completed some orientation flights, studied their Aerospace Dimensions texts, and participated in some of the electives shown above are ready to pursue formal flight instruction leading to a solo flight or private pilot license. CAP operates flight academies in single-engine and glider aircraft, primarily in the summer.
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