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Who We Are

Air Academy squadron (RMR CO-159) is a Cadet squadron which means that we are primarily composed of Cadets (over 90) with a subset of senior members who oversee the training and administrative functions.   This is in contrast to senior squadrons (solely made up of senior members) and composite squadrons (mix of both cadets and senior members). 

The mission of Civil Air Patrol is three-fold:

1. Aerospace Education

2. Cadet Programs

3. Emergency Services

Our Core Values are:

1. Integrity:  soundness of and adherence to moral principles and character; uprightness; honesty.

2. Volunteer Service: One who volunteers himself/herself for a service of his own free will.

3. Excellence:  The continuing effort to be the very best.

4. Respect:  Fairness and dignity and worthy of esteem.

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