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Today's Cadets . . . Tomorrow's Aerospace Leaders

The above statement summarizes the primary mission of the cadet program which is to transform youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders. 

What does this mean for a cadet?  You'll spend some of your spare time with like-minded guys and girls, ages 12 to 21, doing volunteer work that really helps your community. At Civil Air Patrol’s weekly meetings, you’ll learn teamwork and leadership skills that will serve you from now on.  As you progress through CAP’s multi-level cadet training, you’ll learn the principles of aviation and aerospace flight. You’ll learn about rocketry and physics through hands-on experiments. You can even get a taste of military life, and learn about military history, customs, drills and inspection.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about Emergency Services (ground teams, communications, logistics, etc) and participate in field training exercises.

Of key importance is that cadets lead cadets under supervision of Senior Members.  Leadership skills are developed and honed by cadets assuming actual leadership roles as they progress in the program.  It is through this and in conjunction with formal training and mentoring do we see young cadets transform into tomorrow's leaders.  

Thanks to good preparation and valuable scholarships, many CAP cadets go on to careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.  Some pursue technical degrees and others go on to one of the nation’s prestigious military academies.

Each year, at least 10 percent of the freshman class at the U.S. Air Force Academy is made up of former CAP cadets.

More information about the cadet program can be found HERE

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