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There is a lot to take in but our members will be with you at every step to mentor and help you through the process of moving from perspective member.  

Below are some helpful information to get you started.

Command Organization
The higher levels of the command structure are easiest to understand when breaking down the Air Academy charter ID:  RMR CO-159. 
-RMR refers to our Region (Rocky Mountain Region) which we share with several other Wings including Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.
-CO refers to our Wing.  The Wing is further broken into Groups (e.g. Front Range South, Western Slope, etc).
-159 refers to our Unit/Squadron "Air Academy Cadet Squadron."

Squadron Organization
Cadet squadrons are made up of Flights (typically 2-4) which are made up of Elements (typically 2-4).  Each facet of the squadron is has a leadership component made up of higher ranking cadets who have expressed a desire for or demonstrated leadership qualities.  Senior members provide teaching and mentor cadets as well as perform administrative functions but the primary objective is to allow cadets to lead in a safe, structured, and fun learning environment.  
-Squadron level command:   Squadron commander, 1st Sergeant
-Flight level command:          Flight commander, Flight Sergeant
-Element level command:      Element leader

Staff Positions
There are a number of support positions in both the cadet and senior member areas that may be held.  Each is critical to the smooth operation of the the squadron and will provide the participants excellent leadership opportunities.  Some examples for cadets include:

Position Typical Duties
Flight Sergeant Leads a flight in drill, flight time, and other activities as directed by the Flight Commander.
Flight Commander *Leads, supervises, and mentors flight sergeants and a flight.
*Thinks ahead and finds ways to help their flight succeed.
*Creates flight plans.
First Sergeant Mentors flight sergeants, is a great motivator, a fair referee, a just disciplinarian, and assists the Cadet Commander.
Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations Supervises and mentors the flight commanders and assists in the leading and planning of the squadron. 
Public Affairs *Take pictures of our squadron and work with the Senior Member Public Affairs Officer to advance our squadron in social media activity.
*Should be familiar with social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
Physical Fitness Assist in creating and executing PT plans for the squadron PT meetings.
Leadership Assist in creating and executing leadership plans for the squadron leadership meetings.
Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)  *Cadet Advisory Council meets once a month on Saturdays, in person or over phone, and discusses topics within the entire Colorado Wing.
*Takes notes and reports them back to the squadron.
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